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Via dei Giubbonari
Rome, Italy
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Our apartments are right on Via Dei Giubbonari, a well know street running off the Piazza Campo de’ Fiori to the Piazza Cairoli with the imposing church of San Carlo ai Catinari. This is an area lying among the Capitol, the Pantheon the Piazza Navona and Trastevere areas: it is the very heart of Rome and every sight of importance in the city is within walking distance.


Campo de Fiori is the nearest piazza that for centuries now has been a food and flower market with a very appropriate name that in translation means “field of flowers”. When you are here, you can imagine medieval Romans walking from one merchant to another, and you are following in their steps.

The square is surrounded by buildings, small restaurants, and cafes. Also nearby is the French Embassy - Palazzo Farnese - and if you cross the square you can get a good view of its façade from the entrance to the building right behind the statue of Giordano Bruno. This square has also been in those long gone medieval times a place of mass executions. Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake here over 400 years ago for his philosophical views that clashed with the religious teachings.
The statue was erected in memory of his courage.

Palazzo Farnese is one of the amazing buildings in Rome. It has a very imposing light-colored façade and its design has become the prototype for a lot of palaces built in Rome afterwards. A lot of famous artists worked on the building, including Michelangelo. Campo de’ Fiori is one of the most charateristic places in Rome and has a very romantic atmosphere.
And it's just 1’ walk from our apartments.